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Cheap Federal Prison phone calls usingĀ  Atlantic Telephone, you can save up to 40% on Federal Prison Phone Calls. With the price of Federal inmate calls sky-high communicating with your loved one whose locked up can be expensive.

All jails, detention centers, and prisons in the United States are contracted with third-party phone service providers to handle calls made by inmates. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), contracts for prison call services with VAC a division of GTL ConnectNetwork.

Federal Prison Phone Calls

Atlantic Telephone Company prison call services can save you up to 40% on all domestic Federal inmate calls and a substantial savings on International Inmate Calls!

Save 40% On Federal Prison Phone Calls Now!

Atlantic Telephone prison call connect service along with VAC, can legally cut the cost of Federal Prison Phone Calls to $1.65 for a 15 minute call.

Federal Prison Phone Calls Savings Comparison

  • 15 Minute Long Distance Call Using VAC………………..$3.15
  • 15 Minute Long Distance Using VAC and Atlantic………$1.65

FCC Inmate Call Ruling

Atlantic Telephone Company is not affiliated with GTL or the Federal Bureau of Prisons, but is able to legally, per a 2013 FCC ruling pursuant to FCC Docket Number DA 13-1990, provide call routing services that can cut the cost of Federal Prison phone calls from county jails and Federal prisons throughout the United States.

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