Atlantic Telephone Service Facts

How does the Atlantic Telephone service work?

Atlantic doesn’t replace the BOP’s phone system, but works with it to save you money by issuing a new number local to the prison the inmate’s held at. When inmates call their new local Atlantic Number, the BOP charges cheap 6¢ a minute local connection fee debited from the inmate’s commissary account to send the call out of the prison.

The total cost of a 15 minute call on the prison side is 90 cents.

Atlantic then sends the call at the rate of 5 cents per minute to your home or cell phone bringing the cost of a phone call to 11 cents per minute, a significant savings over the $0.21 per minute call rate of the BOP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   How many minutes of calling time does the BOP allow inmate to use per month?
A:   300 minutes January thru October and 400 minutes in November and December.

Q:   How long is a phone call from a Federal Prison?
A:   A maximum of 15 minutes.

Q:   What’s the normal “total cost” of an inmate call from a Federal Prison?
A:   21¢ a minute for in-state and out-of-state phone calls, costing of $3.15 for a 15 minute call.

Q:   What’s the monthly cost using the BOP regular system for my prison calls?
A:   300 Minutes at the BOP regular 21¢ minute rate costs $63 per month!

Q:   Using Atlantic, what will the cost of a 15 minute Federal Prison call be?
A:   A 15 prison call could be as low as 11¢ a minute costing $1.65 per call.

Q:   Using Atlantic, what would the monthly cost be for my prison calls?
A:   300 Minutes at the Atlantic 11¢ minute rate would cost $33 per month!

Q:   What’s the cost of Atlantic versus BOP regular phone rates based on 3800 yearly minutes?
A:   The BOP costs $798 and Atlantic $418.00 a Savings of $380 a year with Atlantic!

Q:   Do I need to know the prison my inmate is located at when signing up?
A:   Yes, to provide service, we require an inmate’s name, Registration # and exact location.

Q:   Does Atlantic Telephone require a contract or a credit check?
A:   We do not run any credit checks and you can cancel the service at any time.

Q:   What is the monthly charge for an Atlantic local routing number?
A:   Numbers cost $1.25 per month plus usage.

Q:   Does Atlantic’s inmate phone service violate Federal prison security procedures?
A:   Inmate’s calls are routed through the prison’s security monitoring facility, like all other calls.

Q:   Is it illegal or against BOP Policy for an inmate to use a service like this?

Atlantic Telephone is not affiliated with VAC the BOP phone provider or the Federal Bureau of Prisons, but is legally able pursuant to a 2013 FCC ruling FCC Docket Number DA 13-1990 provide local call routing service to be used by inmates at correctional institutions.

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